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  1. Aerospace Education Fellowship

    Created in the 1970s under Sen. Barry Goldwater’s Aerospace Education Foundation leadership, AFA’s Aerospace Education Fellowships honor supporters whose efforts merit special recognition, with the first fellowship awarded to Jo Doolittle, wife of Gen Jimmy Doolittle. Built on this legacy, our new fellowship program enables you to show your commitment to furthering aerospace education.

    $100.00 donated
  2. Cyberpatriot Scholarships


    The Alamo Chapter aims to create and grow our Airmen community, one way we do this is by offering scholarships to Students and Hosting educational programs. The CyberPatriots program is one such example students compete nationally in a series of brackets based on knowledge and skill in STEM and cybersecurity, the finalist are awarded with scholarships and internships.

    $0.00 donated
  3. The Alamo Chapter

    100% of your donation will be used to support our Airmen community. We support and grow our Airmen community by providing STEM education programs and providing scholarships to students.

    $0.00 donated

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